SKIP Board


SKIP’s Board 2017:

Chairman – Marko Stanoevich


Treasurer – Samer Daknache

Operations Manager – Firas Cheaib

Operations Technician – Jonathan Partaine

PR Officer – Yazan Alsahhar

SKIP’s Board Positions:

Chairman – the main head of SKIP responsible for keeping the association going and active. Chairman supervises and approves SKIP’s activities, serves as financial co-manager, and is responsible for organizing SKIP Board Meetings. Primary representative of SKIP student association in external co-operations and meetings. Acts as Event & Public Relations Manager (if PR Officer’s position is vacant). Chairman and/or treasurer both have to approve the expenses of the association. Chairman is a required position.

Vice-Chairman – assistant of the Chairman. Assists in arranging meetings with Board Members, external partners, sudent groups, associations and Community members. Serves as an association’s representative if Chairman is unavailable. Assists in tasks taken and/or assigned by the Chairman when necessary. Maintains close relations with SKIP Community and is responsible for its active status. Responsible for social events.

Treasurer – directly responsible for financial matters, monthly financial reports, and financial documentation for SKIP. In charge of maintaining communications with the bank. Along with the Chairman, has to approve any bigger purchases made by SKIP association. Serves as Right Hand of the Chairman and in case of Chairman’s absence Treasurer and Operations Manager serve as a temporary substitution until new Chairman is elected. Treasurer is a required position.

Operations Manager – the technological head of SKIP. Directly responsible for the SKIP servers, and primary aid in technological projects. Also responsible for handling server requests from Community members. In case of Chairman’s absence Operations Manager and Treasurer serve as a temporary substitution until new Chairman is elected. Operations Manager is a required position.

Operations Technician(s) – direct assistant(s) of the Operations Manager. Assist in any and all tasks the Operations Manager needs, helps in server maintanance.

PR officer(s) – a board member responsible for maintaining visibility of SKIP association and its events, works closely with Chairman and Vice-Chairman, serves as one of the association’s representatives in external meetings if appointed.

Suppleant(s) – are not elected. They are the previous Board Members, who wished to remain active in the association, but are not bound to any responsiblities. They do not take on specific tasks, but they can assist in all round instances where help is required. Suppleants are not bound to attend Board Meetings. Can serve as Mentors for the new Board Members.

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