Web Hosting

SKIP offers a possibility to host websites for the students of IT Faculty and SKIP community members. Though the service is provided to all the students of IT Faculty we would strongly advise you to join SKIP Community (no membership fees are applied). You can read more and join here.

Check the form bellow, fill it in and our operations team will get back to you shortly. You can also contact us if you do not feel sure about what do packakes provide, need more information about the service, or none of the packages apply to your needs.

NOTE! The “Course” package is designated strictly for program courses and/or projects use. This type of package is completely free for applicants (and their groups) for the duration of the course/project (in other words for one whole Autumn or Spring term). After term ends, the website hosting package will be changed into “personal”  and price of 10 SEK will apply. You can reuse the same space you ordered or cancel the rent. The reminder about the changes will be send via email 1 week before the Autumn/Spring term ends.

MAIN RULES! No illegal activities, inappropriate or pirated material and content (racist slures, content that encourages cruelty, terrorism, political propaganda and similar covered in “Student directions for the Use of the IT Resources at Chalmers”) is allowed. The owner of the website is being held responsible for handling innaproriate content and handling comments made by the website guests on their website. The page that breaks these rules will be taken down.

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