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A brief description of the project; provided by the job issuer.

The website will be a unified platform to get all events going on in a country. It will be in four main languages for purpose of guiding customers and informing them about the latest events in town. All event website will gather its information from multiple sources (…..) that represent events central in the country. The system will take care of storing the raw information into data warehouses; and act as a robotic analyzer which after an extensive amount of calculations will predict and present the number of events going on in the country with the possibility to reflect numbers of events in each states of the federation.

The system will be storing all the information that will be gathered from the sources of information mentioned above into a web space, the web space will be controlled by a Database Management

System Implementation languages:

JavaScript: This language will handle all the data manipulation that will occur on the server-side of the system (Mainly around the graphical user interface).

JQuery: This language very similar to JavaScript will handle mostly the Graphical User Interface functionalities of the project. However similar it is to the JavaScript it is worth mentioning since it provides additional ways of executing functionalities.

HTML5: This language will be used for designing the skeleton and main details of the graphical user.

CSS3: All the layout and the colours as well as the animation of the graphical user interface will be handled by this styling sheet language.

JSON: This language will be handling the communication part and forwarding and retrieving information between the Database and the Graphical User Interface.

C: The system’s calculations and analysis will be done by this language since its best suited for this type of work.


Job Issuer: Kenneth Fagbe – Skandik Afrik

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