Open Projects

This page features current ongoing SKIP projects, small or big. SKIP even picks up job offers from companies whom are looking after students who want to build their resume and gain experience. Every project and skill you see below, when completed, you can add to your CV as an experience!
SKIP projects you will also be able to receive a copy of the code of, when its possible, thus not only gaining a CV line, but a solid product and reference as well 🙂


Project #1 – Gothenburg Events – Skandik Afrik
Skills needed: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JSON, C
Job Issuer: Kenneth Fagbe – Skandik Afrik

Project #2 – Bluetooth Controller for Android devices
You will learn: Embedded C, Arduino Uno + accesories assembly
SKIP open project

Project #3 – Android app for social media
You will learn: Android SDK
SKIP open project

Project #4 – Installation of new server space
You will learn: Oracle server and virtual machine installation and configuration
SKIP open project

Project #5 – Remote Twitch Stream
You will learn: Working and setting up a Raspberry Pi environment from the ground up, and programming a simple automated stream based on time of day. Programming language indetermined!
SKIP open project

NOTE: Neither of the SKIP projects is a full-time commitment. We work on our leisure, and are very flexible, since we are students (or employed already) as well and together we can work on a project anytime we want without pressure. So no stress 😉

Did anything catch your interest? For more information, or joining a side project, get in touch with us using the Contact Form 🙂

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