Android app for updating multiple social media


Imagine if you will, taking an awesome picture (whatever constitutes as an awesome picture in your mind). You want to share this picture with a short comment with everyone on your social media: Facebook!, Twitter!, Instagram!, Personal Blog!, but going into those applications separately is time-consuming, and above all repetative and boring. You could look for an already existing app on the net, or simply enough synch all your social media apps with Facebook to do it for you.

…but, you are an IT person. This action is too simple for you, where’s the challenge, wheres the satisfaction in that? Instead, you could make your own app, which fits precisely to your liking and on top of that learn more about Android SDK programming! Now that sounds like a great Friday evening to me! 😀

Interested in learning a bit about Android SDK, and on top of that getting your own app you can put in your CV/Portfolio? Get in touch using the Contact Form 🙂

P.S: We know its an iPhone in the picture, but we didn’t find a better version with an Android phone. Bear with us 😉

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