By registering here, you will become a member of SKIP Community. Membership is free of charge. Benefits of being member:

  • membership grants you first and full access to our services and resources
  • as a Community member you can participate in SKIP Board Meetings (however, you will not have the right to vote on decisions taken)
  • you will be added to SKIP Mailing List and receive our monthly emails with updates about our events, workshops, company co-operations, competitions, and much more
  • you can first hand suggest educational activities you would like to have and/or need
  • get our full support if you wish to organize and lead educational workshops, seminars (we can arrange venue at the University premises, snacks and coffee)
  • you will get our support, contacts and resources if you wish to steer your own project that would benefit your peers and other students or student groups of IT Faculty

Once registered, you will receive our welcoming email.

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Board Members of SKIP are the ones who:

  • steer the association
  • plan association’s activities and economy
  • are responsible for conduct of technical operations

Board Members are the only ones who are allowed to vote during SKIP Board Meetings.

Benefits of being SKIP’s Board Member include:

  • getting direct experience in working at a student association which is extremely beneficial for your future job hunt
  • getting legit reference contacts for your CV
  • valuable contacts with industries
  • first hand information about other activities and events organized by other student groups and organizations at the IT Faculty
  • influence on association’s cooperations and projects
  • first hands information and influence on the decisions taken during the Board Meeting
  • direct incluence in coordinating SKIP’s activities plan and plans for future

Board Members are elected once per year during SKIP’s Yaerly Meeting on 4th of December. In order to become a Board Member

  • you need to be a SKIP Community’s member first
  • you have to present yourself during the Yearly Meeting and:
    • explain what is your motivation to take a certain position on SKIP’s Board;
    • what can you offer to the organization in terms of skills, experience;
    • what would you like to do in the organization (what is your personal agenda)

Board Member’s responsibilities include:

  • attending monthly Board Meetings (participating using technonlogal aids, such as Skype, is possible)
  • maintain certain level of activity (of course we also understand the fact that you have to study in this by all means comes first)
  • completing the tasks that were either taken voluntarily or assigned

SKIP Board has many positions available. You can meet our current board and check the positions here.

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