SKIP offer the following services to students of IT Faculty and members of SKIP Community:

  • Server Space – SKIP offers a variety of packages for students of IT Faculty and SKIP’s community members. We are also providing with an option to host server space for free to those students who need it for their program course or project. Check the information and order your server space here: Server Rental
  • Website Hosting – we offer website hosting for students of IT Faculty and SKIP’s community members for reasonably low prices or for free for the course projects. Check for more information here: Website Hosting
  • Hardware and Accessories – we have a list of items you can book and use. Items include microcontrolers and boards, such as Arduino, Raspeberry Pi, as well as various cables, adapters, network switches and more. SKIP also has a little IT related books library. Check the list of our items here: Hardware and Accessories
  • Tutoring Sessions and Workshops – we organize educational workshops in various topics and specialties (web development, graphic design, Linux, WordPress, copy-writing and content writing, mapping and geo-surveying, C/C++, computer building and many more). We have a schedule of workshop sessions and courses, but we can as well organize and give workshops or personal tutoring sessions on your requests. Find workshops list on our Events page or drop us a line via our Contact Form.