March Event: HearthStone Gaming Night!


Hello Hearthstone fans!

This semester SKIP organizes Hearthstone Gaming Evening for our dear community members. The format of the game will depend on the number fo people attending, but we will make sure to keep you occupied!


Please notice that this event will come with a small registration form for our and your convenience, so that we know how many people are attending, and to ease up pairing.

Date: 23rd March

Time: 18:00

Place: 4th floor lunch area


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SKIP Reconstruction; Summer 2015!

Under summer of 2015 the SKIP association underwent the reconstruction period, where our physical structure and internal organization have been diametrally changed and updated to newer, more efficient routines. All order to make sure that the organization comes back and remains active after a long period of stagnation in the years before the project!










The association went through physical transformation, where it not only received a new set of doors leading to the Student Area (thus revealing us to more students) but also reorganized its headquarters! undergoing reorganization of the office!



The status of equipment, servers, economy, etc have also been updated over the summer, after which, with refreshed mindsets, SKIP committed itself to becoming an active and productive part of IT University in Lindholmen! SKIP:ers began working again even before the reconstruction period met its successful end!

Below you can witness the final result of summers reconstruction; the look you may know best by now!

11709646_1137881936228387_9024740340670530647_n 11750606_1137881892895058_3256632527619673946_n

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